Whale Float Vest
Our mates at Seaworld do an incredible job of caring for sick or injured marine animals.  This whale was transported to Seaworld in a very poor state.
A large amount of time and resources went into attempting to rehabilitate it.   

Guy Bedford (pictured) is a Marine Mammal Consultant, his career takes him all around the world caring and transporting mammals.  

This floatation vest we manufactured ended up a very demanding and interesting product, possibly the biggest floatation garment made to date.....
whale wetsuit
Rubber Jungle on the Catwalk
This design was created by the talented Nixi Killick, and was part of a collection recently seen at the Melbourne Fashion Show.
The suit is made from 3mm neoprene, digitally printed and manufactured by us at Rubber Jungle Wetsuits.

 Rubber Jungle - not just for the water!

Bat Protection Arm Sleeve
The ideal protection for the forearm when handling animals that bite and scratch, our Neoprene rubber wrist and forearm sleeve comes in three sizes (small, medium, large) or fill in your measurements on the measurement form for a perfect custom fit.

These are popular with bat protection agencies within the RSPCA and the staff at Currumbin Bird Sanctuary who handle Koalas and Birds. 

Price - only $44 pair

Products Coming Soon

We encourage our customers to inform us with what they need.  And as such we are excited to design and manufacture new products such as a wetsuit for customers in Wheelchairs.  The suit will have required floatation and assist with exercise and/or rehabilitation in the pool.